Using IG Stories in Social Media Marketing

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What originally started out as something many Instagram users weren’t exactly a fan of has turned into one of the most used features in the app. This new feature has also opened a whole new door to social media marketing on Instagram. These stories allow brands to stay top-of-mind while connecting to current and potential customers. However, you need to know how to execute them properly or else they’ll never perform successfully.

How Social Media Marketing Builds Your Brand

Before we get into the different ways you can use Instagram stories to interact with users, you need to know what it takes to make a successful social media campaign on Instagram. Your end goal is to have every follower who interacts with your campaign to clearly understand your brand message and whether or not they can relate to it.

A few easy ways to make your Instagram stories effective are:

  • let your followers know to check out your stories. Tease it on other platforms and maybe even do an exclusive giveaway on Instagram;
  • a picture paints a thousand words, so create high quality images. You have so many ways to customize and personalize your images;
  • if you are using text, make sure that it’s clear and visible long enough for your followers to read. Nothing is more annoying than having to watch a story over and over to get the right info; and,
  • use interactive features to get everyone engaged in your stories. You’ll get real, honest feedback from them while remaining top-of-mind.

Insta Story Uses

Instagram stories have only been around for a little over two years, but within that short period of time more than 400 million Instagram users have interacted with this feature every day. So how can you utilize this to reach potential customers?

Tutorials and Walk-throughs

This will entertain followers while educating them on various things that are relevant to your business and brand. You can make sequential videos so they can follow along in a step-by-step format. Including links to the products you’re using in your tutorials will also help increase your website traffic.  

User Generated Content

One of the easiest ways to connect with people is to share content from current customers. Create a hashtag so people can include that in a post about their latest haul. It also makes your brand seem more attainable as they witness other people enjoying your product/service.

Inside Scoop

People love seeing behind the scenes shots from brands. It makes the brand feel more real since the stories don’t have to be perfectly edited and photoshopped. It’s a way to give your customers a deeper look inside what goes on.  

The Payoff

It works. One in five stories will receive a DM after their Instagram story is viewed (so make sure to check them!). If you keep your business relevant and successfully use this as an advertising tool you will increase your web traffic and revenue.

Instagram stories are a way to interact with so many potential customers that you wouldn’t reach otherwise. It’s an easy way to create original content that can be personalized to target your core audience. In order for this feature to work, you must be able to integrate this Instagram feature into your social media marketing campaign successfully. If you think you need some help putting that plan together, get in touch. We’ll help you get the most out of your posts, grow your visibility and reach, and your business.