How to be Strategic with your Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Ottawa

Most business owners now understand that social media needs to be part of their marketing plan. It’s an effective way to meet new potential customers, build community and stay competitive – IF it’s used correctly.

Facebook is far and away the most popular place for social media marketing, but businesses are missing out on the full potential if they are only using it for organic traffic.

Facebook advertising gives you a way to reach even more of your target audience, often at a lower cost than traditional media. However, costs are rising and Facebook advertising rules continue to evolve and change.

To get the most bang for your buck you need to be strategic with your social media advertising efforts.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing.

Facebook AdvertisingChances are if it’s working well for them, it will work for you. You can check out their Facebook page and click on the ‘Info and Ads button’ to see what ads they have run and what seems to be getting the most traction with Facebook users. Another very useful site to see what other businesses are doing, is BigSpy. Com. It uses keywords to find you examples of Facebook advertising that other businesses in your sector are engaged in – it may even help you identify competitors you didn’t even know you had!

Online tools to use to reach the right people.

Even if you are just starting out and don’t have a big audience or email list, Facebook has a great tool called ‘Audience & Insights’, that you can use to help target your Facebook advertising. And its free! It will give you information about demographics on Facebook, what they’re interests are and what time of day they like to use Facebook. You can also automate and optimize your Facebook advertising by using a site called This tool will help you find other related categories and interests of your audience so you can expand the reach of your Facebook advertising.

Remarket your audience.

Social media marketing is definitely aimed at connecting with new potential customers. That said, don’t simply give up on potential customers if they visit your website or landing page and don’t complete the task you want them to.  This could include making a purchase or leaving their contact information. Sometimes you just need to approach a certain demographic differently, or ‘remarket’ your audience. Remarketing uses cookies to follow your site’s visitors as they browse the web. It will serve up your ads for up to 90 days as your prospects visit advertising network sites, such as news, or shopping websites.  Not all Facebook ads appeal to people the same way. Sometimes a person won’t respond to an emotional ad the way you hope, so retargeting with a logical approach – like emphasizing the cost effectiveness of using your services – will have a better outcome.

In conclusion, there are a multitude strategies and tips like these to ensure your Facebook advertising works as effectively as possible. It’s becoming a crowded space in the digital marketing world and it’s crucial that businesses use every available tool and keep up with Facebook changes, to continue to reach potential new customers. If you would like to talk strategy or update your social media marketing plan, we can help. Set up a free quote today.