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3 Things that Working with Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Taught Us

We’ve been very lucky to have worked alongside and learned from many great entrepreneurs and business owners in these past ten years working in the digital marketing industry.

Check out a few bits of invaluable info that we’ve learned along the way:

1. People want to work with good people.

There are many companies out there that can offer digital marketing services – there’s no shortage of competition, both local and online. What matters most to most people is that you’re working with someone that genuinely has your best interest at heart. There are too many digital marketing agencies out there that JUST focus on the financial gain from bringing on a new client. And that’s very short-lived. In those cases, a big effort will be made at the beginning, then as time goes on, service drops. Our clients’ success is our success, bottom line – and THAT is what we care about. All the rest happens organically.

2. Priorities change and you have to be able to re-position quickly.

With Blueprinted Marketing – a boutique digital marketing service – when our clients decide to “veer to the left” – perhaps bring on a new product line, or at certain times of the year put a bigger focus on a particular service, without the oftentimes sluggish “engine” of an agency behind us, we’re able to respond quickly. We work with a hand-selected group of clients, and our service is exceptional because we’re niche, we’re nimble, and we adapt and change with our clients, at the moment it’s necessary.

3. Clients want to get involved and do a little on their own.

This can be paralleled with a home renovation project that I undertook a few years ago. I knew that there were certain parts of the kitchen renovation that I could do myself, but for the “heavy lifting” – the craftsmanship that required years of skill and experience, that’s when I called in the experts. Likewise, nowadays many of our clients are tech savvy, they understand and are engaged in social media, and with all the free, great design tools available many can create some pretty awesome graphics. For other services like the creation of an e-commerce site, properly setting up a Google AdWords account that’s optimized and efficient, or setting up a re-marketing campaign that converts into sales – that’s where we step in to lend our expertise. Our marketing blueprints are made for exactly that purpose.

We get it – every client has a unique set of needs, and along with being knowledge experts, it’s equally important that you work with digital marketers who are flexible, and can adapt to your business’ growing needs. In conclusion, if you’re a business needing the help of digital marketers we understand that it’s just as much about finding the right people to work with, as it is finding the right expertise. Reach out if you need help, and believe we could be the right fit for working with your business!