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Using IG Stories in Social Media Marketing

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What originally started out as something many Instagram users weren’t exactly a fan of has turned into one of the most used features in the app. This new feature has also opened a whole new door to social media marketing on Instagram. These stories allow brands to stay top-of-mind while connecting to current and potential […]

The Pros of Pop-ups for Digital Marketing

Pop-up's for Effective Digital Marketing

The last thing you want is your screen freezing as you try to close a ridiculous number of pop-ups with redundant, and sometimes, nonsense information. Sadly, when pop-ups first started being used, this was often the case. For this reason, any and all pop-ups since then have received a lot of criticism from consumers. However, […]

Importance of Analytics for a Digital Marketing Campaign

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Without analytics, you’re simply assuming that your digital marketing campaigns have been doing okay. That’s not something you should be comfortable assuming. In order to truly understand what’s working for your business and what isn’t, you need to review the facts. What online platforms do your customers prefer using? Which products are more popular? All […]

5 Tips to Step up Your Social Media Marketing Game

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Reaching your target audience is obviously a key component of marketing for your business that can help propel your success – if done correctly. You need to know where your audience is, how to reach them, and speak to their needs. The rising popularity of social media has opened up a huge door for businesses […]

Grow Your Business This Spring With Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising during Spring

Why Spring is a Great Time to Ramp Up Your Digital Advertising Efforts After a cold and snowy winter (especially in the Nation’s capital) spring is finally around the corner! A time of regrowth, renewal and most importantly, ice-free sidewalks, the prospect of spring is something we can all get excited about. While it might […]

Remarketing Advertising Management: Why Repetition Matters

Remarketing Advertising Management

There’s an old marketing adage called “The Rule of Seven”. According to “The Rule of Seven”, a potential customer needs to see an advertisement at least seven times before they’ll make a decision to purchase. While this number can increase or decrease depending on who you ask, almost all marketers can agree that repetition matters. […]

Digital Marketing – Working With and Learning from Our Clients

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3 Things that Working with Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Taught Us We’ve been very lucky to have worked alongside and learned from many great entrepreneurs and business owners in these past ten years working in the digital marketing industry. Check out a few bits of invaluable info that we’ve learned along the way: 1. People […]

The Blueprinted Approach for Digital Marketing Services

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If you’ve considered hiring a digital marketing expert to help promote your business, you’ve probably come across many ‘marketing experts’. You know, those who jump at the chance to present you with an outrageous marketing agency quote, and expensive, subscription-based, do-it-yourself marketing platforms that leave you even more confused about digital marketing than when you […]