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Why is a Content Marketing Strategy Important?

content marketing strategies

If a business wants to succeed they have to adapt and change their marketing in order to reach consumers on new platforms that have been created. It’s something the industry has consistently experienced; however, it’s challenging to learn how to advertise in new ways. Content marketing is a way to reach your target audience without […]

Make Your Content Marketing Work – 5 Things You Need to Know

Content Marketing Tips

Digital, Radio, TV, Print – regardless of the advertising medium, the objective is to effectively reach your target audience, informing them about your company as well as your products and/or services. However, ads stand out because of the fact that they are advertising – and ads on their own are unlikely to sell. With content […]

How to be Strategic with your Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Ottawa

Most business owners now understand that social media needs to be part of their marketing plan. It’s an effective way to meet new potential customers, build community and stay competitive – IF it’s used correctly. Facebook is far and away the most popular place for social media marketing, but businesses are missing out on the […]

Grow Your Business This Spring With Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising during Spring

Why Spring is a Great Time to Ramp Up Your Digital Advertising Efforts After a cold and snowy winter (especially in the Nation’s capital) spring is finally around the corner! A time of regrowth, renewal and most importantly, ice-free sidewalks, the prospect of spring is something we can all get excited about. While it might […]