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Monthly Maintenance & Updates to Your Website
From $189

Our website management and update packages are designed to maintain your website and/or landing pages up-to-date with the constant upgrades on API’s, plugins and/or third-party extensions and system core improvements that occur on weekly (sometimes daily) basis to the vast majority of open source CMS systems such as WordPress, Magento. Joomla or any website platform developed using PHP and SQL languages. Our maintenance packages also provides an affordable solution to perform front-end updates to your business website, such as changing images, banners, sliders, text, pricing or the marketing message.

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In order to get started with our website updates and management services, our team will require access to your website hosting (if not hosted by us) via FTP, cPanel or others, in addition to your CMS administrative area (if applies).  

What We’ll Need From You

  1. For contextual changes: You will need to provide the content or text of the products, services or offers that you would like to be added/changed, according to your request and specifications.
  2. For images/banners/sliders: you will need to upload the product main images in your account management area or via a document management system that our team will provide to you.
  3. Your WordPress, Magento, Joomla (or any other CMS) Website Access: We’ll need administrator-level access to your CMS system/website in order for us to get started with the updates.

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