Remarketing Advertising

Banner Display Advertising Services
From $350/mo

Remarketing advertising campaign services provided by display advertising experts highly experienced in a multitude of business industries that will guarantee maximized results for your budget.Follow your website or landing page visitors drop-outs in a non-intrusive method that is sure to increase your business lead generation conversion rates.

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Remarketing Advertising

Bring Your Lost Prospects Back to You

99% of your visitors do not convert into a desired action when they visit your business website for the first time. The vast majority leaves after just after a few seconds browsing your web page, and most likely, they are not coming back. With remarketing advertising campaigns, you increase that likability by an astonishing 10-15%, and therefore conversions for desired actions from repeated visitors are much higher than the average 1-3% online marketing standard rates.

And there is more: is much affordable and budget-effective to run a cookie-based remarketing campaign (a.k.a retargeting) than many other formats of search advertising.

In a nutshell, items included in the banner advertising setup/management are:

  1. Five (5) high-quality and attention-grabbing banners ad creative optimized for the display networks standard sizes, designed with your marketing message focused on one unique product, service or offer of your choice
  2. A cookie-target-based advertising campaign setup on Google Display Networks and weekly tweaks to placement and budget allocations upon conversion analyses
  3. Outstanding customer support and campaign result reports

Remarketing Advertising Process

Banner ads design services by Blueprinted Marketing
Remarketing Advertising - How it Works

Display Banner Designs
You’ll get a set of five standard banners beautifully designed to be used with your display advertising campaign, branded with your logo and colours

Cookie-Based Banner Retargeting
We’ll drive your ‘lost’ customers back to your landing page by following them with your banners and marketing message wherever they go online

Your Engagement

In order to get started with your remarketing ads campaign, our team may require some items to be uploaded/sent by you. You will be provided with access to upload & manage your documents and/or your brand collaterals.

What We’ll Need From You

  1. A description of your business: You will need to provide a short description of your business and the main product, service or offer that you would like to promote. Descriptions could also be provided by providing us with your URL/website of your business (if you have one)
  2. Your logo: you will need to upload your logo in your account management area
  3. Your website URL: your business website or landing page to where we’ll drive the traffic to.

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