Facebook Ads Management services by Blueprinted Marketing

Highly-Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaigns
From $500/mo

Facebook ads management services provided by experts highly experienced in promoting businesses in very competitive niches, and guarantee to provide maximized results for your budget. Engage your social media followers, promote your business services, products or grow your brand awareness and drive quality and highly-targeted leads to your website.

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Facebook Ads Management: Precise Targeted Traffic

Our expert-level Facebook ads management offers an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to up their social media game to the next level. Clicks on Facebook ads are substantially cheaper than on traditional search platforms, which makes the Facebook ads platform an optimal choice for advertisers on a tighter budget.

In a nutshell, items included in our facebook ads management are:

  • Five (5) high-quality, attention-grabbing image creatives optimized for A/B testing variations in graphic design and marketing message focused on one unique product, service or offer of your choice
  • A target-based advertising campaign setup and weekly tweaks to ad copies and conversion analyses
  • Outstanding customer support and campaign result reports

Facebook Ads Management Process

Facebook Ads Management - Targeting

Right-On-Target Marketing

You’ll be able to target your ads like no other advertising platform could offer, while keeping your marketing expenses in control

Facebook Ads Management - Creative

Attention-Grabbing Image Creatives

We design image ads that are simply impossible to be ignored, with a marketing message that yields clicks

Action-Based Results for Your Ads

Facebook Ads Management Partners

Boost your posts, increase likes, comments, shares, video plays, and photo views.

Build your audience directly on Facebook

Direct people straight to your website

Your Engagement

In order to set up your Facebook Ads management and advertising campaign, our team may require some items to be uploaded/sent before the campaign starts. You will be provided with access to upload & manage your documents and/or your brand collaterals.

What we’ll need from you to get started

  1. A description of your business: You will need to provide a short description of your business and the main product, service or offer that you would like to promote. Descriptions could also be provided by providing us with your URL/website of your business (if you have one)
  2. Your logo: you will need to upload your logo in your account management area
  3. Your website URL: your business website or landing page to where we’ll drive the traffic to.
  4. Your Facebook Page Access: if you own a Facebook Business Page, our team may require access to your account to properly connect the advertising campaign. Instructions on how to grant access will be provided by our team, if necessary.

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