Custom Website Design services by Blueprinted Marketing

Performance-Based Custom Website Design & Development Services
From $2900

We are specialized in building performance-based websites focused on lead generation for businesses. We work with the most common CMS open-source platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla  – in addition to custom designs in HTML5 and CSS3,  written in PHP and SQL and many other development tools using the latest coding technologies and website content management systems in existence today.

Please Note: Our current website design delivery estimates are between 30-45 days on average.

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Custom Website Design & Development

We design and develop all-inclusive websites, from small business brochures to start-up companies and advanced e-Commerce solutions with integrated membership functionalities, we create solutions that meet your business marketing goals and objectives – all coded specifically for your project requirements.

We follow a structured process to deliver your project on time and on budget. Our projects are managed by dedicated project managers, coordinating with graphic designers and front/backend expert open-source CMS developers.

Items and features included in the custom website design base price are:

  1. Layout design variations for you to choose from before code development starts: we’ll present two types of layouts – full width or boxed – with different call-to-actions and proposed features.
  2. Customized internal pages: options for a gallery/portfolio page, a contact us page with a custom form, a service page or any other base page you need.
  3. Royalty-free, high-quality stock images and/or pictures relevant to your business to be used on the home page or internal pages. You will be given access to our stock images platform were you can pick and choose your pictures or images.
  4. Outstanding customer support and fast turn-around for your project completion: satisfaction guaranteed!

Optimized Business Websites

Web pages design services by Blueprinted Marketing
Custom website design services by Blueprinted Marketing

Conversion Optimized Styles
Eye-catching, colour-coded for a perfect match with your existing brand and promotional offers. Ready to engage your visitors in to the desirable action

SEO & Mobile-Friendly Layouts
Optimized for your industry keywords and dynamically fits just as beautifully on a smartphone screen as they do on a desktop monitor

Your Engagement

In order to get started with your new website design and project development, our team may require some items to be uploaded/sent by you. You will be provided with access to upload & manage your documents and/or your brand collaterals.

The Basic Information

You will need to provide a short description of your business and the products, services or offers that you would like to display. Descriptions could also be provided by giving your current URL/website of your business (if you have one).

If you are providing the following items:

  1. Your own logo: you will need to upload your logo in your account management area.
  2. Your own domain name/URL: instructions will be provided on how to point your domain/subdomain to the new landing page.
  3. Your own content copy of the home page and internal pages: you will need to provide a minimum of 350 words of content (2-3 paragraphs) per page in your account management area.

If you request us to provide the following items:

  1. New domain name/URL registration: we will register a new domain using the closest available keywords relevant to your business. The domain will be exclusively used for the landing page during your marketing campaign. Domain name registration is for non-premium domains and available in .com, .ca or your country of choice extension (if available)

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