Call Tracking Management services by Blueprinted Marketing

Track, Record and Analyse Incoming Calls
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Intuitive and powerful call tracking analytics to help your business identify which page, service or product on your website is generating calls and even know which keywords on Google search are driving users to make these phone calls. Call tracking can also be used on your printed material including direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, and printed brochures.

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Call Tracking Management for Data-Driven Marketing

Track which of your campaigns are driving calls, texts, form fills, and conversions, with keyword-level marketing attribution. Analyze conversations as they happen and measure against your advertising and SEO campaign performance to make data-driven business decisions.

Call Tracking Management For Business

Call Tracking keywords

Visitor & Keyword Call Tracking

Call tracking will reveal which campaigns, websites, and search keywords are driving phone call conversions. With visitor timelines, you can see your customer’s journey through your website. Call conversion data feeds directly into Google Analytics and even optimizes your AdWords call tracking campaigns so you can track phone calls as conversions.

Call tracking - Dynamic

Dynamic Website Call Tracking

Create one tracking phone number per marketing campaign, and use dynamic number insertion to easily display a campaign-specific tracking phone number to each visitor on your website. With real-time reporting, you can be notified instantly when you receive a call, and see which campaigns deliver the highest ROI.

Call Tracking - Offline

Static & Offline Call Tracking

Make more money by identifying the marketing channels that make your phone ring. Measure the phone leads you receive from your offline marketing efforts, including direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, and printed brochures. Learn more about your customers and your campaigns so you can be even more effective and close more sales.

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